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The original Turf Chopper

Developed in 2007

TurfChopper (Noun) "TurfChopper" is a single rider electric golf cart and walk behind personal caddie system in one. The latest innovation in golf cart technology, with over 21 point of patent the Turf Chopper is safe, sturdy, stable and easy to operate.  With a motorcycle like twist throttle and dynamic braking Turf Choppers will get you around even the most demanding of courses. The patented Turf Chopper design converts from a unique single riding cart to an electric walking power caddie in only seconds and are lightweight, portable and extremely turf friendly.


 2006 Bridgeburg Golf was formed and to began product development of our flag ship product the Turf Chopper. The Turf Chopper creation was the brainchild of founder Tom Falkiner stemming from a long love for the game of golf and a debilitating back injury in 2005. This prevented Tom from walking 18 holes or from using a traditional golf cart for an entire round. Out of necessity he came up with a compact design that would allow himself to walk as much or as little of the course as possible then easily convert to a riding cart for the remainder. Tom quickly  found out that every time he had it on the course he would end up talking to scores of curious on lookers, test drivers and people looking to get one for themselves. It was because of the Turf Chopper's overwhelming popularity that in 2006 Bridgeburg Golf was created and Turf Chopper development officially began. In 2007 21 Global patents were applied for. We were the very first in the World to produce a walk or ride personal caddie system.

Bridgeburg Golf has expanded the Turf Chopper product line to include:

Turf Chopper The original most versatile single rider golf cart and electric walk behind personal caddie system combination of it's time.

TC Split Frame Our TC Split Frame model has all the benefits and convince of the original Turf Chopper with added portability. 

The OG  This hybrid is ideal for those of you how are looking for an affordable electric vehicle for use  on and off the course.

The BigBoy What more can we say? It's a BigBoy! Big tires and heavy-duty suspension.  Big comfort and style. This cart has a remote upgrade option.

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